Debt collection

On its way, a business often faces counterparty defaults and, as a rule, it concerns the fulfillment of monetary obligations, delay in payment for delivered goods, work performed or services rendered.

The company’s lack of constant professional legal support in collecting debts under the contract encourages them to take up the matter on their own and, eventually, get an unsatisfactory result: all the conditions for pre-trial settlement of the letigation are not respected, the lawsuit is not accepted the first time by the court, claims are rejected, but you can still get in a counterclaim and in the worst case, lose.

Unwillingness is duly paid in court, which may be due to the fact that work under the contract is not actually performed, and if it is, then high-quality, proper goods and services of inadequate quality are not required, or the process is delayed too long to exhaust the truth way to victory. Way out of the situation: business needs qualified legal support.

The essence of the assistance of attorneys-in-law of the MGI PSP Audit group of companies in debt collection in court consists of the exact factual circumstances of the case, the collection of evidence, documenting the results.

At the preliminary stage, the lawyer checks the availability and condition of the documents with the client. Minimize risk. Development and further development strategy.

In the framework of debt collection services in court, we carry out:

  • initial assessment of the current situation;

  • collection, revision and preparation of documents necessary for the correct and quick resolution of a letigation situation;

  • conducting claims work;

  • negotiating with a counterparty at the pre-trial stage;

  • preparation and filing of a statement of claim;

  • possibility of use in essence;

  • court management in at all stages and in all instances;

  • execution support.