Litigation activities

Claims-proceedings are a set of measures aimed at presenting and reviewing claims, as well as using data obtained as a result of such measures. Litigation is an important process, which requires the presence of narrow-minded experience and knowledge of a large number of legislative acts.

Claims are the main stage in each case, from a small complexity to complex controversial issues (for example, in the process of debt repayment). In order to resolve emerging conflicts and disagreements at an early stage, a competent and professional drafting of a claim that will be based on a legislative basis is required.

The claims for work include the following services:

  • analysis of the situation in business processes;

  • development and preparation of a legal position;

  • preparation of necessary claims and lawsuits;

  • preparation of references for claims and applications to commercial courts, arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction.

In the conduct of claims-laws a great role is assigned to the proper organization of all processes and to the maintenance of all procedural time-limits.