Customs litigations

Customs litigations are a narrow area of activity. Today customs revenues in the country are one of the most important and significant sources for the formation of the state budget. That is why in arbitrage practice there are innumerable customs litigations that, as a result, lead to additional customs payments and fines on the part of participants in foreign economic activity.

Specialists of the MGI PSP Audit group of companies have observed negative trends in the field of relations between the customs authority and a participant in foreign economic activity. As a rule, this applies to importers. The main claims during the filling of the budget by the customs authorities rest with them. It is the exporters who are the plaintiffs in the courts in litigations with customs, and declarants, customs representatives, customs carriers become our regular customers.

Types of customs litigations of participants of foreign economic activity:

  • Litigations of the adjustment of customs value;

  • Litigations on the classification of goods;

  • Litigations on the application of benefits and preferences;

  • Litigations about the origin of the goods;

  • Litigations about bringing to administrative responsibility;

  • Litigations related to violation of the terms of release of goods;

  • Litigations related to customs inspection;

  • Litigations related to the adoption by the customs authorities of illegal decisions;

  • Litigations related to the appeal of illegal actions, inaction of the customs authorities.