Сorporate law

Conducting any business activity requires its legal registration by esstablishing a legal entity or registration of the individual entrepreneurs, as well as registration with various state agencies, sometimes requiring certain licenses, certificates and permits. Lawyers of the MGI PSP Audit group of companies will help in choosing the form of management, plan further business development strategies and provide assistance in resolving of all legal issues that will accompany business activity.

Lawyers and attorneys of the MGI PSP Audit group of companies provide the following services:

  • Entities registration services:

- registration of Limited Liability Company (LLC);

- registration of Additional Liability Company (ALC);

- registration of Private Enterprise (PE);

- registration of Joint Stock Company (JSC);

- representative office registration;

- individual entrepreneurs registration (IE)

  • Services for registration of changes to information in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Associations:

- change of the legal entity name;

- change of location of a legal entity;

- change in the size of the share capital of a legal entity;

- change of the head or information about the head of the legal entity;

- change of the founders (sale of a share or part of a share in the share capital) or change in information about the founders of a legal entity;

- change of types of economic activity of a legal entity;

- change of founding document of a legal entity;

- change of any information about individual entrepreneur.

  • Services on confirmation of information about the ultimate beneficial owner of a legal entity.

  • Services for reorganization of a legal entity by merger, acquisition, division, transformation, segregation.

  • Services on termination of a legal entity as a result of its liquidation.

  • Services for termination of entrepreneurial activity of an individual entrepreneur.

Specialists of the MGI PSP Audit group of companies will prepare:

  • the minutes of the general meeting of shareholders or the decision of the sole shareholder;

  • founding document of the legal entity;

  • contract of purchase and sale of a share (part of a share) in the authorized capital;

  • act of acceptance-transfer of a share (part of a share) in the share capital;

  • ownership structure of the legal entity.

Our employees will also provide other services, the need for which may arise during the activities of the enterprise:

  • services of legal representative office in corporate litigations;

  • services for obtaining a license, permits, certificate;

  • trademark registration services.