Tax clarification & support in Tax Inspections

Separate regulations (especially taxation) differs by its uncertainty. And there exsists the risk that the opinion of tax payer with respect to a particular issue may differ from the opinion of tax authority representative.

On significant transactions we recomment our clients to seek clarification in State Tax Authority to insure that there won’t arise any claims in the future. This right of tax payer is garanteed by law.

According to the legislation taxpayer acting in accordance to the tax advice (clarification) provided in written or electronic form can not be held liable, even in case this tax consultation was further changed or canceled.

Tax advice is individual and can be used exclusively by that taxpayer, to whom it was provided.

The main problem of such consultations is that taxpayers are often provided with formal responses with the wording "to reflect operations according to the current legislation". The question should be prepared properly in order to reduce the risk of getting formal response and we are abler to render this service.

In our practice we prepare clearly outlined and legally justified request thereby increasing the propability to get complete and clear answer. When drafting a request our specialists use links to the similar by its content clarifications in the regulatory framework, and sometimes previously discusse issues with the State Tax Authority at round tables and conferences.

Tax inspections

We are also ready to support our clients during tax inspections. Our experts are the authors of Practical technique of successful completion of tax inspections, which have repeatedly advocated for business breakfasts , workshops and conferences.