Subscriber service on Tax Audit & Consulting

Most efficient and progressive form of cooperation with the auditor, that permanently combines Tax Audit & Consulting Services.

This long-term cooperation with the client includes:

  • quarterly audit engagements during the year in Client’s accounting and tax system

  • providing written and verbal advises on accounting and taxation

Relevancy of the service:

  • tax audit is carried out in the period up to date of filing quarterly tax reporting. Incremental reviews enable to achieve synergy between accountant and auditor, immediately warn the possible errors, timely correct them preventing penalties of tax authorities

  • while rendering consulting services priority is made to our regular client and we’re always ready to provide him with qualified advice in case any questions on accounting and taxation arise

  • our regular client gets an opportunity to participate in our our workshops held in the format of a business breakfasts

  • such type of cooperation does not require large one-time costs

As a result of subscriber services:

  • the framework is allocated evenly during the year and report is isssued after each stage

  • timely correction of errors identified in current reporting period is made

  • the accuracy of reporting and taxation of business transactions are constantly controlled by our highly qualified specialists

  • you get an advice at the very moment you need it, just by calling

  • you save time on searching for the relevant regulations, as our consultants do it for you

  • you do not waste time looking for solutions that are already verified in business practice

  • you pay a fixed amount for the consulting services once a month, which means that you can plan your expenses

The results of audit engagement are documented similarly that given in Tax Audit section.