Accounting & Tax Consulting

We offer written and verbal advise on one-off and permanent basis including practical application and experience in forecasting of tax authorities’ position.

A range of our services include:

  • Accounting and Internal Сontrol

  • Tax Сonsulting

Consulting support on the permanent basis has a number of advantages over one-off advise:

  • You can get an advice exactly in time you need it just by calling us

  • You save time on looking for the relevant regulations, as our consultants do it for you

  • You do not waste time looking for solutions that are already verified in business practice

  • You pay a fixed amount for the consulting services once a month, which means that you can plan your expenses

Tax Consulting:

  • We keep our clients up to date on relevant changes in tax legislation on monthly basis

  • We answer questions connected with drawing up tax declarations

  • We give explanation of legal acts and regulations in taxation

  • We give explanation of legal acts related to Ukraine taxation procedure and application of current legislation

  • We give advise on accounting policy elaboration for the purposes of tax accounting

  • We offer advise on application of current tax legislation

  • We offer advise on tax optimization

  • We offer risk assessment and tax consequences of separate procedures and transactions

  • We provide consulting on export / import operations

  • We provide consulting on transfer pricing

Aссounting and Internal Control Consulting:

  • сonsulting on accounting

  • сonsulting on management accounting

  • development of guidance on accounting arrangement

  • testing and adjusting of internal control system

  • development of documentation on internal control system arrangement

  • preparation of internal management documentation

  • development of corporate governance structure

  • advise on preparation of internal accountancy forma for separate divisions

  • elaboration of the employees’ job descriptions

  • elaboration of regulations on departments, services, divisions and branches

Accounting Consulting:

  • advise on reporting issues

  • calrifying legal acts and regulations

  • explanation related to treatmentd and application of current chart of accounts

  • recomendatitons on unusual transactions accounting

  • recomendatitons on accounting registers development

  • advice on accounting policy preparation

  • advise on financial reporting metology

  • the development of guidance documents for the organization of accounting

  • development of forms of primary documentation, apllied in recording of busness transactions, which are not provided by standard forms of primary accounting documents

  • recommendations for the design of primary documentation

  • recommendations for the preparation and filing of documents in the archive