Tax Audit

Is the most requested type of audit services in our company. Since today it is an effective tool for business to prepare financial statements for any tax authoritiesí inspection.

Tax audit is an independent audit of tax records which allows you to identify risks and eliminate inconsistency of tax accounting with the requirements of the law.

The value of services may include:

  • Ůomplex analisys of all clientís tax payments to the budget, analisys of tax accounting

  • Ůomplex analisys of clientís particular tax payments to the budget (or particular tax defined by a client), analisys of tax periods

  • analisys of the clientís tax accounting within particular items of income (expenses), or other indicators subject to defining tax base for corresponding taxes

The service is provided under the contract and approved by the client audit program, which is clearly identified the issues, and should be expressed by auditor.

During the complex tax audit the following issues are being analised:

  • Ůomplex analisys of tax system

  • detection of main factors that influence tax figures

  • review of methodology for calculating tax payments

  • preliminary or simultanious calculation of tax indicators

  • conformation of calculation of tax payments to budget and off-budget funds

  • data collection for tax optimisation

  • recommendations for tax minimizaiton

As a result of tax audit the client gets:

  • tax base assessment

  • tax incentives relevancy

  • assessment of tax liabilitiesí calculation

  • risk assessment in case of inaccurate application of tax legislation

  • recommendations and advise on tax optimisation

The outcome of the work is submitted on the following documents:

  • An administrative letter

  • The auditor's report on agreed procedures