Engagements related to specific audit areas. Audit on special offer (including financial Due Diligence)

We offer audit procedures on the formation of objective/transparent information on a specific area by using:

  • Financial Due Diligence

  • Audit of internal control activities

  • Analysis of specific areas of financial statements

  • Analysis and providing/creation of business solutions on strategy and plans to enhance business processes

  • Other procedures within the framework of issues set by the client, and related financial statements

Financial Due Diligence is one of the most demanded

Provides an opportunity/allows to demonstrate an objective picture of enterprise’s financial condition, get an actual value of your business and possible risks to evaluate its investing attractiveness for acquisition. Complex procedures are made within the company's audit, such as: legal and financial analysis, assessment of the potential risk of loss of assets or part thereof, measuring assets’ fair value and assessment of company's market value by valuation of its assets.

Financial Due Diligence includes:

Financial analysis:

  • analysis of the enterprise’s statement of financial position structure

  • analysis of the financial results and profitability indicators

  • liquidity and financial stability analisys

  • analysis of business activity indicators

  • analysis of obligations, its fair valuation

Confirmation of debt and obligations:

  • advise on sources of raising capital including the volume of obligations, interest rate, repayment schedule

  • providing repayment schedule for company’s most considerable obligations/debts with indicating the amount of existent debt which should be replayed on the company’s sale including information about leasing if applicable

  • analysis of tax payments acts of reconciliation during the latter 3 years and review of the company’s tax system

  • exposure of leased or pledged assets

  • accounts receivable and accounts payable review, its valuation at fair value

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