We provide comprehensive services in accounting and tax support for businesses in various activity areas.

Keeping records includes the following list of services:

  • work with с source accounting documentation

  • analysis of accuracy and compliance with the legislation of all submitted documents

  • entire reflection of all business transactions conducted by a company in accounting records as well as in tax accounting records. Record of current transactions on the respective accounts (posting transactions), documents grouping on similar features in certain reporting periods

  • precise calculation and timely payroll accrual, drafting and keeping records of company’s mandatory financial documentation (Employee Payroll Statement, drawing blank payroll register), payroll calculation services and payroll tax withholdings

  • taking on the management of your company's bank account

  • preparation kit of all cash documentation, drafting expense reports, and other source documents

  • depreciation of fixed assets and intangible assets, drafting package of accounting documents

  • drafting and filing all required reports with tax authorities and the Pension Fund

  • client’s representation in government and tax authorities, participation in tax inspections