Recovery of client's accounting

It is a complex of measures aimed at bringing the company's accounting in compliance with the requirements of regulations and legislation. This procedure applies if accounting was not performed at all of performed improperly.

The company may face necessity to restore accounting in the following cases:

  • change of the founders, reorganization or liquidation of the legal entity

  • oncoming tax inspection

  • dismissal of accountant

  • loss or damage of documents due to accident

  • improper accounting organization, continuous lack of registers

As part of the accounting recovery process a range of services are suggested:

  • renewal of source accounting documents, validation of their registration, determining whether a complete set of documents and data bases

  • drawing tax and accounting registers up, verification of their compliance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation

  • conducting cash operations according to cash settlements requirements

  • calculation of taxes, validation of tax accruals and tax payments

  • adjusting errors and inaccuracies in calculations, validation previously prepared reports

  • drawing up and filing declarations and complete reporting, providing advice on accounting security

Accounting recovery discipline:

  • work starts with a preliminary analysis of documentation existence and compliance requirements. To do this, the company’s current accounting is analyzed. Based on results obtained auditors develop recommendations for the organization, the scope of work is prepared. Then, special technical requirements are developed together with the customer. These requirements specify all aspects of audit review and accounting recovery process as well as terms of engagement, cost of services and scope of work.

  • on the next step the parties sign a contact on rendering accounting recovery services. After all issues have been discussed our team gets to work and provide services in terms agreed.To find out what kind of financial statements is subject to recovery our experts make reconciliation interacting with Tax authorities. Based on information obtained the decision is made on which statements need to be elaborated or completed together with documents subject to maintenance.

  • on completion of work a detailed report on stages and results of provided services is issued. You get completely restored financial statements, including an updated accounting information base (1C). In addition, our experts will provide you with advice on accounting taking into account specifics of your business.

Our experts will perform accounting recovery as quickly, efficiently and effectively as possible. As a result, you will have properly organized accounting, solve any problems with tax authorities and get advice on the further work of accountant.