Implementation of accounting

The complex of operations on accounting and tax accounting implementation involves development of complete accounting system of the enterprise. The need for this service arises not only in case of company start-up but also reorganization and expansion of its activities.

In case you are not ready to transmit accounting on outsourcing, but still want to insure that company’s accounting meets current requirements of state authorities, shareholders, creditors or investors, we are ready to execute the entire work package on accounting and tax accounting, which consists of the following services:

  • analysis of the enterprise specifics

  • preparation of chart of accounts (synthetic and analytical accounting)

  • development of accounting policies for accounting and taxation

  • drafting regulations on documentation flow, including verification of all documents for compliance with legally established forms

  • accounting automation (1C Enterprise 7.7 / 8.3)

  • development of individual tax calendar

  • accounting staff trainings devoted to reporting issues

  • drafting labour agreements and employee motivation system for Client’s accounting staff

Upon completion of engagement our company prepares the following instructions and related documentation:

  • regulation on accounting

  • regulation on documentation flow

  • company’s Accounting Policy

  • working chart of accounts

  • drafts of administrative documentation

  • staff list, Job descriptions, Labor contracts, Employee motivation system for accounting staff

Our company is able to provide consultations on accounting and taxation process arrangement for business start-up as well as provide your business with accounting outsourcing.