Anna Stankevych
The Head of Department of Outsourcing for business projects

Despite the fact outsourcing was not originally distinguished as business activity of our company, nowadays it is a full-fledged department, and its performance is considered to be one of primary activities of the company.

Being responsible for outsourcing services provided by our company I face different cases when businesses apply for our service. Principally it is companies with foreigh capital, which cooperate with us in the following cases: if internal policy does not allow compny's staff to keep records of accounts (for example, payroll accounting), if expansion of accounting state is not provided for and business activity grows rapidly, the responsibility for company's reporting is adopted to be passed on auditors at the global level.

Domestic companies, non-profitable organizations usually apply for our services in cases when activity is not dynamic and it's worthwhile to use outsourcing in order to save costs.

Taking into account responsibility that the company assumes, we have an individual approach to each engagement. It is not only financial risks, but also the image of audit company. We carefully select specialist for each project. We enter engagement only in case we're confident that it will be implemented efficiently.