Open vacancies:

  • Specialist on accounting

  • Auditor Assistant

  • Auditor

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All the destinations in the company may be divided into two groups:

  • Provides services department

  • Support and development departments

The first group includes: the Audit Department and related services, the Department of Consulting and Training, Department of Business Process Outsourcing in the Accounting

The second group includes: Administrative Department and Development and Advertising Department

The company has the following staff ranking system in departments:

  • Leader Partner

  • Partner

  • Head of Department

  • Senior Auditor, Senior Specialist on accounting or Senior Consultant

  • Auditor, accounting specialist, consultant

  • Auditor assistant or accountant assistant

We focus on the development either of internal staff or external selection.

Candidates can apply by sending email with a request to consider his candidacy and attach CV. CV will be stored in personnel reserve in case no vacancies are currently open.

If we accept your application, we will invite you to undertake the next steps of the recruitment process:

  • telephone interview with HR

  • interview with audit managers

Depending on the position claimed by applicant there can be several stages of the interview. Written and verbal test is possible during the interview. Professionalism (professional experience and education, skills, abilities and achievements), motivation (employee’s personal growth, career development), personal qualities (leadership, teamwork, management and communication styles, values, compliance with corporate culture companies, etc.).